Get Dentist Orem to Bridge the Gaps in your Smile with Dental bridges

Bridge Dental Implant

Are your teeth missing; you can visit a dentist Orem and get his professional assistance to bridge the gap using a dental bridge. The gap is due to the missing teeth and now a dental bridge is about filling the place of the missing teeth with a false tooth. The pontics may be of various materials such as gold, porcelain to artistically blend with natural teeth.

Types of Dental Bridge

Dental bridges to be fitted have to be done by professionals such as a dentist in Orem. The dental bridges are in four types:

  • Traditional dental bridge: This refers to false teeth or a tooth held by dental crowns in place and it is cemented onto the abutment teeth. This is a popular dental bridge type known as the traditional bridge and it is useful when there are natural teeth on either side of the missing tooth that created the gap.
  • Cantilever dental bridge: This is identical to the traditional bridge. A cantilever dental bridge pontic is held by a dental crown in place and is cemented on one abutment teeth only. For this bridge there I a need for at least one natural tooth to be next to the tooth missing gap.
  • Maryland dental bridge: This is also very similar to the traditional bridge. A dentist in Provo, UT making use of Maryland dental bridge uses two natural teeth as abutment such that one on either side of the gap. A Maryland bridge employs metal or porcelain framework such that it is bonded to the abutment teeth backs. On the other hand, a traditional bridge makes use of dental crowns to be placed on the abutment teeth. A Maryland bridge is the same as a traditional bridge that may be used even if there is one natural tooth next to the gap.
  • Implant-supported dental bridge: This dental bridge is placed surgically for a missing tooth. The implant-supported dental bridge is done by an expert dentist in Provo because they use implants to hold the bridge firmly. There may be a pontic suspended at times between two crowns implant-supported.

The implant-supported dental bridge is considered to be the most stable and strongest system. The surgeries include commonly 2 surgeries:

  • First to embed in the jawbone the implants
  • Second for placing the bridge

This procedure takes a few months to complete.

Cost of dental bridge

The price differs from the dental bridge as it is based on the following:

  • Number of teeth required for filling the gap
  • Materials used, zirconia, composite resin, or metal alloy in resin cover
  • Placement difficulty
  • Additional treatments besides dental issues

The bridge type also varies the costs, though the implant-supported bridge is costlier than the others, Maryland bridges, and Cantilever or Traditional bridges.

Majority dental insurance plans offer cover for the bridges and now many of them also offer coverage for the implants. A dental bridge needs replacement once in 5 to 15 years based on proper care, though implants are regarded to be the permanent solution by dentist Provo.