Outline of the New OCP Uniforms Construction and Official Chances

A uniform is a sign visible in military or Army service. They are aesthetic and practical that the uniform is a part of a unit. It serves as the line of duty outfit and looks perfect in ceremonial occasions. It is standardized and fulfills the required purpose. The new introduction is the OCP uniforms of the Army.

The new Operational Camouflage Pattern (OCP) is clothing complementing. It is available online and also includes other accessories or gears.

The Construction of New OCP Uniforms

The introduction of the OCP uniforms was mainly as a camouflage pattern. The uniform construction aspects are changing. There are new pockets to the hook-and-loop removal of Velcro closures. This is the reason the form ACU uniform is completely changed and getting a makeover.

The OCP new uniform is a much better replacement. It is because it offers better protection. The design is a result of a lot of serious thoughts to get a better-quality uniform. The new uniform highlights new pockets and the Velcro closers removed. The ACU has received elaborate changes in the release of the new uniforms.

“The Army is doing several changes in the design to the ACU taking the inputs of the soldier to make their uniform more functional and better.

Official Changes by Army Uniform Board

  • The pocket in the upper-sleeve will have a zipper closure replacing the earlier Velcro closure, and this offers easier access. The new pockets are the same as the combat shirts.
  • The pocket in the upper-sleeve is also longer by at least 1 inch. This was designed based on the feedback surveys on post-combat, and it revealed that soldiers were considering roomier pockets besides added room for patches.
  • There will be no elbow pads internal in the new uniforms, and even the Velcro elbow patches are eliminated.  These were removed as they were considered useless and waste of money. The doubled fabric is the only feature that will continue with this uniform making as it offers extra reinforcement.
  • The new OCP uniforms will not have on the cargo pocket the cord-and-barrel lock.
  • The reinforced fabric will exist in the knee area, but otherwise, the patches and knee pads will no longer be a part of the uniform features.
  • The pocket in the lower-leg will have a button closure replacing the Velcro closure.
  • There will be two pen pockets replacing the standard three.
  • The uniform pants drawstrings are another big complaint that it looks unprofessional, and so now the new pants are minus the drawstrings.
  • There is no mandarin collar anymore. There will be a traditional fold-down design.

OCP uniforms are the fabrics that are flame resistant to suit the most unforgiving environments in the world. It will keep you safe in and out of the battlefield.

Operational Camouflage Pattern

The OCP uniforms are developed as a single camouflage pattern. It is designed to replicate the surrounding colors present in the environments, so that it is of immense use in varying elevations, at different day times, weather conditions, and seasons. 

These gear and uniforms take the dominant colors overall appearance under the canopy with green going with a forest or even the tan in a desert. The real world finds concealment in varying environments, and OCP addresses the same with this basic gear kit.

This is a progressive design, and it is incorporated based on the thousands of soldier’s feedbacks who work in the most unforgiving environments in the world. The FR fabrics are innovative as it is breathable, lightweight, and highly wicking. There is a four-way stretch offering an uncompromising construction and a fit that does not hinder performance, while the ACS is to offer FR protection and absolute comfort under the armor.

Features of OCP

The OCP or Operational Camouflage Pattern is developed as a design, and its features are:

  • Lightweight, wicking torso fabric that is ultra-breathable
  • Flame-resistant construction with Massif fabrics
  • Concealable IR tab
  • Zippered, low-profile shoulder pockets
  • Flat seam construction
  • 4-way stretch fabric
  • Breathable, durable sleeve fabric
  • Velcro look for rank, name, unit tape, and flag
  • Machine washable
  • Pen pocket is on the left forearm
  • Elbow pads lightweight with abrasion-resistant technology
  • Wrist cuffs adjustment feature to offer a perfect fit
  • Seamless side-panel to offer under armor comfort.