Salt Lake City Garage Door Adds Overall Aesthetic Appeal to Your Home

A garage in a house is a functional element that homeowners neglect it most times. The contribution and the significance of the garage doors Salt Lake City enhances the façade of your home. However, when the garage door is in front, you cannot ignore it as it blends with your house’s overall design and promotes the curb appeal. On choosing a garage door, you may consider the various types available, the prices of the garage doors, and the methods of installation. You can also keep the costs low by considering a DIY project. 

Here are a few tips to lighten your decision

There are various garage door types, and the main four styles are:

Swing-out Garage Doors

Swing Out Garage Door

These are the garage door’s basic types. They feature open and close style, have hinges like any standard doors. You may choose single or double doors. The swing-out doors are suitable for colonial or classic style houses as they go in association with the façade of the house and the overall design theme. The door’s price varies as per the material. Attaching motorized systems helps in opening and closing the door easily, and you can also use the remote control, but bear in mind, it will increase the cost.

Swing-up Garage Doors

Swing Up Garage Door

People preferring modern design in their garage doors may consider a swing-up option. It is suitable for any home style and fits in style resembling carriage doors. Remember, these doors swing outward, and so there must be an adequate area outside to open and shut. However, like the swing-out garage doors, the swing-up doors can also have motors to operate.

Roll-up Garage Doors

Roll Up Garage Door

The roll-up garage doors are the same as the rolling shutters that were over store windows and doors. They allow the car by rolling up or down. This garage door type works with motorization. The design of such garage doors makes it appealing, and the primary material is metal used in these doors that most people prefer it as Salt Lake City garage door.

Sliding Garage Doors

Sliding Garage Door

The sliding garage door type is the one that has connecting to outdoor areas such as yards or patios. They come as solid doors made in steel or wood. They also are suitable as bifold styles or regular sliding garage doors.

How to Choose the Garage Doors?

Mimicking the garage as your house façade means the style must match the overall design. It is also simple to create faux classic, such that it will look like wood on crafting them from fiberglass or WPC. You may consult an interior designer or architect to make the right choice of garage doors Salt Lake City, and if necessary, customize the door to match your front door design.

What Materials are the Best for Garage Doors?


Wood is a perfect garage door material that nothing can beat its charm. It is suitable for any classic-style house. Using garage doors in wood has a few cons. It is expensive and needs high maintenance to look fresh. It also tends to swell or warp if it exposes to humidity and heat. Finally, bear in mind, the wooden garage door designs as the material is heavy. Even if it works best, there is a need for a powerful motor to raise the door automatically, and it adds to the cost.

(WPC) Wood Plastic Composite

WPC is a cheaper alternative that looks and works the same as its natural counterpart, wood. It makes an amazing choice even for large garage doors. It is a lighter material and is appropriate for large doors than wood. It proves as an excellent Salt Lake City garage door.


Considering the security perspective, the best choice is steel as garage doors. The material is exceptionally good if it has galvanized steel in a double layer, but steel is prone to denting and rusting. However, adding an overlay of fiberglass on the steel resolves the rust issues, but there is an additional cost.


This material is light and also a suitable alternative for extra-wide garage doors. The aluminum doors are less strong than the wood or steel garage doors. Though you may consider dent-resistant sturdier aluminum panels as garage doors, it is sure to escalate the costs.


Fiberglass as garage doors is a popular choice and comes in different finishes resembling wood. The material may crack due to cold exposure and appear yellow. It means there is a need for repair and extra maintenance.