Turn To Your Park City Midwife For Help With Your Pregnancy

park city midwife

Who Is A Midwife And What Do They Do?

A Midwife is a healthcare professional who is trained to care for and support a woman’s pregnancy. A midwife is also qualified to do labor and birth. Traditionally, midwives were nurses who underwent the extra study. Midwives become qualified by doing a 3 years university degree. Both women and men can practice being a midwife. A midwife can help you stay healthy during pregnancy and make sure you have a healthy baby delivery. A park city midwife can also help care for you and the baby a couple of weeks after labor and delivery. 

Where Do Midwives Work?

Midwives operate in many settings, including birth centers, local hospitals, midwifery group practice, and community health centers. You will see a midwife depending on where you choose to have your labor and delivery. If you choose to have your baby delivered by a midwife in a local public hospital it can be covered by Medicare. Medicare will cover the care offered by a Midwife during pregnancy and after the baby is born.

Midwives’ Role During Pregnancy.

If you plan on giving birth in a public maternity unit you midwife most of your antenatal care. You may also see a midwife during your appointment with an obstetrician. If you are planning to have the birth at home you would have a small group of midwives to help. 

Your midwife will:

  • Give you support and advise
  • Check your and your baby’s health
  • Help with appointments at the hospital
  • Help you prepare for delivery

Your midwife will also help with labor and birth:

  • Get extra help if needed
  • Give you support and information
  • Monitor the progress
  • Check the baby’s heartbeat
  • Offer pain relief

After The Baby Is Born

After the delivery, Your midwife will care for you and your baby. The midwife will also check if there are further steps needed like, if you lost too much blood or if you need stitches.

The midwife will offer to:

  • Show how to bathe your baby or change diapers
  • Help you with breastfeeding and how to position the baby
  • Help with pain if needed
  • Health tests and newborn screenings

When you go home your midwife might stop by your home and visit and can help you with things at home. If you have a home birth the midwife will usually visit you daily for a few days. Park city midwife will also be available to help over the phone or facetime.

If you choose to have a midwife as part of your pregnancy then you should find one as soon as you know that you are pregnant. You can find a midwife by asking your GP and they can get in touch with a midwife or a midwifery service. Your midwife will be your main contact while you are pregnant. Appointments with your park city midwife will either be at home, at GP’s office, or at the hospital. Your main tests and screenings will mainly be at the hospital.