What Does Midwife Park City Do For Your Pregnancy


midwife park city

A midwife is a traditional care provider for infants and their mothers, very similar to a traditional nurse. Midwife park city nurses are trained professionals who are trained and have skills in supporting mothers during pregnancy to ensure they have a healthy and safe pregnancy. Midwives also provide mothers with personal care,  mental and emotional support, and cultural needs. 

Now let’s talk about the kind of care a midwife can bring you. All midwives care for newborns and their mothers during and after the pregnancy. Nurse-midwives are highly trained and educated professionals who can provide healthcare services to pregnant women. To become a midwife you are required to have an RN licence and a masters in nursing. 

Why You Should Choose A Midwife For Your Pregnancy?

1.Healthier Pregnancy-studies have shown that women who are healthy have had better pregnancy outcomes with a midwife than an OB. Women who choose a midwife for their pregnancy have also decreased the risks of preterm birth and are often a lot more happier with their birth experience.

2.Prenatal Care-the midwife care also includes all the prenatal care that pregnant women need, this includes emotional and spiritual support. Midwives also provide more focused attention and postpartum support. They become more like your best friend during your pregnancy.

3.Alternative Birthing Options-midwives are committed to supporting you and assisting in a regular hospital childbirth, but they also have the option to help you have a home birth. If home birth is your option then midwives will have and provide all the care for home birth. 

4.Emergencies- medical emergencies are bound to happen even if you are the healthiest person. Midwives are well trained to identify any complications and can refer you to a doctor to prevent anything serious. Midwives will also be there for you 24/7 to prevent anything bad from happening. 

5.Affordable- getting care from a midwife during your pregnancy can be very affordable for the amazing care. Many midwives also accept Medicaid which can help those women who don’t make much or who are single mothers with no extra financial support. As you know hospital bills after birth delivery can be outrages, that’s why so many women choose a midwife. 

6.Postpartum Care- 48 hours hours after your birth you and your baby will have a home visit from your midwife park city. You will get an assessment which will include state-mandated heart defect screening and metabolic screening. Midwives will provide everything for these tests which will be included in your total cost. After 2 weeks postpartum your baby and you will have a visit in the clinic where both of you will be assessed, during your visit the baby’s weight will be checked and also a second metabolic screening. Your last visit after child birth will be just for you and will be done after 6-8 weeks postpartum. During your visit you will be checked on how your recovery is going, how your mood has been and how you are doing with breast feeding. If you are thinking about getting on birth control then that will also be discussed during the appointment.